living healthy and taking care of your body


Hello and welcome to my living healthy and stay fit blog

My name is Oskar Kolehmainen and i am a fitness freak, i love the fitness lifestyle and overall living a healthy lifestyle.

Iv’e been active my whole live, played fotball, hockey and did all kinds of sports as a kid. I have allways been a very active kid and i have allways been intrested in the human body.

When i was 14 i really started to take a look how the human body worked and why the body did the stuffs that we normally thinks is wierd.

I have since then learned how the body works and what it needs to function normally. I became very interested in the nutrition part and started to learn what foods was the best and what foods was the worst. The body is smart, it knows immediately when the food is bad for the body and the same if the food is good.

I will come more into this in other post, alot more!

I have since then been very intrested in everything regarding nutrition and the fitness lifestyle wich mean that i have become somewhat of an expert in living a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness and living healthy means the world to me, whitout being active i don’t perform as good as i can, whitout a healthy lifestyle or healthy diet i don’t perform at all.

Many people doesn’t understand how important the nutrition really is to the human body but i can tell you it’s everything. If the nutrition is not on point then the body will perform bad, but if the nutrition is good then the body atleast have the opportunity to perform well.

I will in next post tell you more abaout eather loose weight, gain muscle or just overall live a healthy lifestyle.

Take care everybody and remember stay healthy and live longer!


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